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Spin Doctors' Houstonian Bassist Talks Grooves, Kryptonite

Though they've often been unfairly characterized as strictly a "jam band," The Spin Doctors were in fact one of the more underrated acts of the '90s, particularly as a live unit. The group's 1991 debut, Pocket Full of Kryptonite, proved a commercial smash with songs like "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," "Two Princes," and "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" on the charts and their fun, frenetic videos in constant MTV rotation.

And though subsequent albums like Turn it Upside Down and You've Gotta Believe in Something didn't deliver the same numbers, a dedicated fan base (which you might also encounter at shows by Blues Traveler or the Black Crowes), followed them through lineup changes, periods of inactivity, and singer Chris Barron's bout with a rare vocal-chord paralysis that might have prevented from talking - much less ever singing - again.

The four original members - Barron, guitarist Eric Schenkman, bassist Mark White, and drummer Aaron Comess - are back together as a unit, touring to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pocket with an eye towards recording new material. When Rocks Off discovered that White actually lives full-time in Houston, he seemed like the right Doctor to place our house call to.