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When the Voice Goes: 5 Rock Singers Who Have Lost It Live

Last week, this video of Guns n' Roses playing at the Bridge School Benefit in California surfaced on YouTube, raising a lot of eyebrows among music fans. It was an acoustic performance of "Welcome to the Jungle," which might sound like a confusing prospect in and of itself, but what has everyone talking is the singer.

One might suspect that whoever is in this video is a bad karaoke singer, but no, it really is Axl Rose. While Axl has always been spotty off and on live, this one takes the cake for bad performances. Only once in a while does one hear a trace of the old Axl in there. The band quickly took to the Internet to explain that Axl was suffering from strep throat during this show.

Strep throat or not, though, it's hard to keep up a singing style like his over the years, as many legendary rockers have found out in their middle age. Unfortunately for them, YouTube has become a showcase for all their worst vocal moments, and there's no hiding it anymore when the voice goes.