Raves, Trains and Jitney Mobiles at the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

Best moment? Early in the Matt and Kim set, a train roared through just north of Washington Avenue. The engineer, seeing the huge crowd in the parking lot just east of The Drake, laid on his horn and waved to everyone as the band played on.

It was really nice to see people out that we normally don't see at the local shows. The sound was great at almost every venue. Matt and Kim could not have been more entertaining -- Kim was all smiles and sweat, like a female Keith Moon.

We also hope that one day The Drake can become a full-blown music venue.

The day gave us faith in public transportation, and proved to us that we could put on a party where there is something for everyone and everyone has a good time.

Craig Hlavaty's favorite moment: Chase Hamblin playing on the dance floor at Rebels.

Chris Gray's favorite moment was seeing the signs on a sardine-packed Washington Wave that said "All passengers must be seated before bus can be in motion."

Marc Brubaker's favorite moment: When Chris Wise from Buxton looked at me and said "Hey, your funeral song is up first."

Faith Silva's favorite moment: El Rey tacos.