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Freddie For a Day Is September 5; Dress Like Mercury For a Good Cause

Rocks Off has always been a big champion of all things Queen and Freddie Mercury, so when we found out that Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS charity set up in the late singer's name in 1992, was setting up something called Freddie For a Day, we had to pass it on.

On September 5, Mercury's birthday, the charity is urging people to spend a working day dressed as the Queen front man to help raise money for AIDS research by gathering sponsors.

Of course this won't be something that all of you can pull off on a Wednesday in September. As much as I would love to see plumbers, mechanics, funeral directors and brain surgeons in skintight catsuits, a white wife beater and white jeans should suffice, and girls in Freddie drag are breathtaking.

The FFAD site has some helpful tips on what to wear and how to wear it. I can't decide between Leather Freddie and Royal Freddie, but at least I know I can grow a Freddie-style 'stache.

As the site says "If doing it by yourself is a little too challenging, involve your friends, your classmates or office colleagues. If one Freddie causes a stir, imagine ten of you."

OK, ten drag Freddies from the "I Want To Break Free" video would be kind of awesome.

Above all, this is a fun way to raise money for a noble cause and to remember one the best, if not the greatest, rock front man of all time.

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