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Cheeseburgers Al Fresco: The Fondue Monks’ Speeding Van vs. a Herd of Cattle

Bands have van wrecks on the road all the time. Most are just expensive and time-consuming pains in the ass.

Few, however, are as strange as the one that Houston’s own Fondue Monks were just involved in over the weekend.

Monks manager Chris Harkness reported that he was driving the band’s van with band bassist Rozz Zamorano and singer Denver Courtney aboard. It was 4 a.m., and the band was headed back to Houston after playing the Speakeasy in Austin, and they were barreling down Highway 290 when a herd of cattle seemingly materialized in the road.

Harkness reports that he hit several of the beasts, killing two of them. The van sustained fairly extensive damage, but luckily none of the Monks were hurt.

Pics of the damaged van and totaled heifers can be seen here. -- John Nova Lomax