Answers To Rocks Off's Musical Nickname Quiz

Rocks Off hopes you enjoyed our musical nickname quiz earlier today. We have had a few nicknames ourselves over the years - our dad called us "Boog" after former Baltimore Orioles first baseman Boog Powell, and we were known for years around the Austin Chronicle offices as "Weezer," which we gladly accepted over our previous handle, "The Teenager."

These days we don't have one; even our closest friends tend to call us by our first and last names. But that's neither here nor there, we suppose. Here are the answers - thanks for playing!

1. Sex - Steve Summers, lead singer of '80s L.A. glam-rockers Pretty Boy Floyd.

2. Skullet Boy - Devin Townsend, singer for Canadian metal band Strapping Young Lad and lead vocalist on Steve Vai's 1993 LP Sex & Religion.

3. Heavy Metal Poet - Ronnie James Dio. R.I.P.

4. The Honeydripper - Roosevelt Sykes, influential boogie-woogie blues pianist best known for "44 Blues."

5. Little Miss Dynamite - Brenda Lee, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" firecracker.

6. The Hillbilly Cat - Elvis Presley, as referred to by the Grand Ole Opry folks who declined to invite him back after a 1954 performance. Oops.

7. Tater - Diminutive longtime Grand Ole Opry star Little Jimmy Dickens.

8. The Round Mound of Sound - Country singer Kenny Price, whose Top 10 hits included "Walking on New Grass" and "The Sheriff of Boone County."

9. Tampa Red - Hudson Whittaker, early bottleneck-slide bluesman who influenced Muddy Waters and Elmore James.

10. Pinetop - Joe Willie Perkins, former Muddy Waters Band pianist, current Austinite, and one hell of a nice guy.

11. The Bloody Air Raid Siren - Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden lead screamer and certified airline pilot.

12. Ripper - Tim Owens, Judas Priest tribute band lead singer turned Judas Priest lead singer turned "Where Are They Now?" file entry.

13. The Kansas City Butterball - Kansas City 1920s blues mama Lottie Beamen (nee Kimbrough), the voice behind "Wayward Girl Blues"

14. Lockjaw - Eddie Davis, tenor sax player who put in time with Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

15. Son Fewclothes (or just Fewclothes) - Robert Lewis, bass drummer in New Orleans' Eureka Brass Band.

16. Martin Louis the King Jr. - Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Sigh.

17. Father Time - Rock-steady Count Basie Band drummer Freddie Green.

18. Niggarachi - Snoop Dogg, on a day the weed must have been especially potent.

19. Pigmeat Pete - 1920s blues singer Wesley Wilson, who recorded "Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter."

20. Big Maceo - Major Merriweather, blues pianist and Chicago buddy of Tampa Red.

21. Sweet Mama Stringbean - Ethel Waters, jazz singer and Cotton Club star known for "Stormy Weather."

22. Dixie Dewdrop - Country singer, banjo picker and comedian Uncle Dave Macon, first star of the Grand Ole Opry in the 1920s.

23. Lazy Lester - Leslie Johnson, swamp-pop legend behind "I Hear You Knockin'."

24. Lonesome Sundown - Cornelius Green, swampy bluesman who recorded several singles for Excello records.

25. Daddy Stovepipe - Not to be confused with Houston's own Johnny "Guitar" Watson, this Johnny Watson made one of the first blues recordings in history with 1924's "Sundown Blues."

26. Boll Weevil Bill - 1920s bluesman responsible for "Barbershop Rag," "Ragtime Millionaire" and "Raggin' Dem Blues."