Musicians: Five Reasons Your Girlfriend Hates You

For ladies dating dudes in bands, life can get rough. You are either seen as a trophy or a hindrance to his true rock and roll dreams, arm candy and not the actual real live human being you in fact are. Depending on how successful his band is, your man is constantly the focal point of dozens or even thousands of other women who don't know or particularly care that he is with you.

On top of that, band membership very much nurtures the Peter Pan aesthetic, so all those domesticating trips to Ikea and the times you made him wear a napkin at dinner become moot after your man spends a few weeks on the road with his bandmates. Dating a music journalist, on the other hand, is awesome. We almost never sleep with anyone and have a ghostly white-pallor from sitting inside all day on the computer, but you get free concert tickets. Sometimes. On the downside, we make really overwrought playlists.

Rocks Off talked to several Houston women who know what it's like to be the girlfriend or wife of someone in a band; responses ranged from hilarious rage to outright annoyance. Before you decide to pick up that guitarist or drummer, be sure to read this blog. It may save you time, money, a few months of hassle and maybe even a broken heart. These ladies remain safely anonymous, but their comments are verbatim.