He Said She Said: Songs That Make Us Feel Like a Man, Baby!

He Said's view of manhood wasn't built on sweat and labor the way most guys would probably say. Early on in our musical journey, we always equated music to being sleazy and slithery, or just dancing. It makes sense that the past two and a half decades of our life were spent searching for the perfect mixture of balls and sass in our daily soundtracks. That's why we never got into emo or the soft indie jams because there was no sex in it. They're all brain and no loinage.

Our first rock and roll memories were riddled with innuendo and shock. Going to see Dirty Dancing with our mom when we weren't even in kindergarten. Watching early MTV we saw Duran Duran thrusting on chicks, Motley Crue leering at strippers, and Robert Palmer in a suit being suave as shit. We know for a fact that there does exist a video of a tiny He Said mimicking Tom Cruise's moves from Risky Business in a diaper in the family living room.

It all created a perfect storm for us to listen with our hanging brain instead of our heads. That's probably why the blues and metal were, for better or worse, an early influence on our understanding of female and male roles. Women could either be exalted or exiled it all depending on who was doing the talking. Muddy Waters would say "Come 'ere, girl" while Mick and Keith would turn her over and call her a "starfucker."