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The 20 Best YouTube Rock Docs You Can Watch Free (For Now)

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So you don't have Netflix, you hate the video stores (if you can even find one), you don't like going to the little red box next to the liquor store but you do have an Internet connection, plenty of time on your hands and an insatiable thirst for rock music knowledge.

You are in the right place since you are on Rocks Off, but also we have the cure to all your problems.

I have scoured YouTube for some of the best rock documentaries currently playing for free on the video giant. Legal? Probably not. Cheap? You betcha.

I tried to find some of them in full chunks when possible, and not cut up into chapters like most of them seem to be. Some would call this piracy, but when you are working on your homework before a big concert or a blog series, I make sure to watch as much footage as I can. Before YouTube -- among other things -- this wasn't possible.

So sit back and enjoy some great rock docs, and don't blame us -- okay, you can -- for when you get reprimanded at the office for watching The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years for the fifth time in a week. KNAC!!!