Top Five Rappers Turned Preachers

Much has been made about Bun B's Religion and Hip-Hop Culture class at Rice University. But he's not the first artist to herd a flock of hip-hop disciples. A few others have taken the gospel to the streets. The roster includes two Bad Boys gone good, a hip-hop pioneer, a '90s megastar, and a retired skull-crusher.

5. MC Hammer: After many years in the rap game, MC Hammer turned to God in what must have been an effort to atone for his sins against baggy pants. Hammer formed a gospel rap group and later starred on the religious TBN show M.C. Hammer and Friends. In hindsight, his spiritual calling was obvious from the jump.

Despite the pop ubiquity of "U Can't Touch This," it was the motivational anthem "Pray" that eventually became Hammer's biggest hit. Sporting a famous Prince sample, "Pray" soared to No. 2 on the BIllboard Hot 100 and earned a Gold certification in 1990. With a priestly handle like Stanley Burrell, preaching was an inevitable fate anyway.