Houston Music

Nixon-Era Album Reveals Highway Between Heaven And Houston, Texas

Rev. C.L. Jackson

You Can Go To Heaven From Houston, Texas

Preach on, Brother Jackson

Cutout Bin got a record (yeah). In a thrift store in Houston, Texas (yeah). I was feelin' low (yeah). Like the world was out to get me (that's right). So I put on the record (yeah). I played it LOUD (right on). And I heard Rev. C.L. Jackson (yeah). And Rev. Jackson said to me (yeah). I need to get on the highway (yeah). Then Rev. Jackson told me (yeah). About choppin' off John the Baptist's head (yeah).

Then Rev. Jackson told me (yeah). Something about riding in a dump truck (that's right). Then Rev. Jackson told me (yeah). To open my eyes and look around (yeah). Now I'm there (yeah). In the church (yeah). I'm in the pews (yeah). In the front row (yeah). I'm at the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas (yeah). On the corner of Jensen and I-10 (yessir).

Rev. Jackson is talkin' to the Cutout Bin (yeah). And I feel it in my shoes (yeah). I feel it in my bones (yeah). Now i'm getting on the highway (right on). There's a lot of traffic so I get back off the highway (yeah). Take a back way I know then I'm back on the highway (I know it). The highway to redemption (yeah). The highway to heaven (yeah). The highway to Houston, Texas (yeah)!!!

Rev. Jackson is still the pastor at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist.

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