Austin City Limits

ACL Fest: More Scenes from Zilker Park

Remember when we had a beach in Galveston? That was awesome.

Man, just take 'em off. All my repressed junior high football jock tendencies (fantasies?) started coming back and I wanted to steal his lunch money.

Love means never having to say sorry for making your husband carry around an inflatable moose.

What sucks about being this young and this cool is that by the time you reach the age where it really matters, you're so burnt out from being hip that you end up being that kid who wears Birkenstocks to prom.

Who's having the best weekend ever? White people!

Okay, I'm not saying I bought these kids beer. I'm not even gonna say that I took ten dollars from them and bought two fine cold Canadian brews for them to drink. But I will say they were gentlemen and scholars. And nice tippers.

-- Craig Hlavaty