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Can't Get It Out of My Head: Anya Marina's "Whatever You Like"

So in addition to not being able to get T.I's "Whatever You Like" outta our skulls since last fall, here comes blonde pixie Anya Marina's sultry acoustic version of the hip-hop hit.

Marina is based out of San Diego, Calif., and when she's not writing sweet lil' acoustipop with her backing band, she's a morning DJ for one of the city's radio stations. She reminds us of another San Diego-area artist, Jewel, who wrote plenty of come-hither jams on an acoustic guitar, except Marina hasn't been on "Dancing With The Stars" or married a rodeo dude. Fingers crossed.

Rocks Off first heard this cover during last month's SXSW as we hobbled past Maggie Mae's on Sixth Street. At first we just glanced and said nonchalantly "Oh cool, a T.I. cover". And then we said "Whaaa?!?" like a cartoon character when gets smashed in the head with a rubber mallet. We immediately made an about-face and walked into the club. Take another listen to the lyrics by the way. They're hella filthy, especially for some tiny blonde girl to sing, and almost unsettling. "Yeah, late night sex, so wet, it's so tight," and so forth.

For some sick and delicious reason, Marina named her new album Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II, which could only be to bait writer dudes like us into falling in love with her. The album is full of solidly rocking acoustic stuff, like Aimee Mann but with a sly young snarl. We can even look past the fact that she's Grey's Anatomy-approved, with her single "Miss Halfway" featured on the show during a stereotypically weepy moment this season. Nobody even watches Grey's anymore anyway, so it's cool.