Screwston, Texas

The 12 Best Houston Rap Songs of 2014

"There was so much..."

-- Houston rap proverb

You could take that however you want but it's true. Houston rap offered so much in 2014 that it caused a slight delay in trying to properly rate it for a year-end review. That's right, a delay.

There are probably more than 1,000 Houston rap songs that filtered through someone's speakers in 2014. Only 12 of them will truly matter in the long run; or at least will mean something to you going into 2015. You will christen your children to these songs, you will carry them with you until you die and then your children's children can tell stories about how you did the whip to some of them. You heard them on either of the city's two traditional rap stations, which yielded more gravity towards local music on the airwaves than maybe in decades. It all worked, and we're all the better for it.