Houston Music

Could Houston Ever Have a Great Music Scene?

Houston is changing fast; that much we all know. Doesn't matter if it's the new housing sprouting up all over town, rampant job growth, the city making yet another "best" or "hottest" (or even "coolest") national list, or even the Texans' status as (possible) Super Bowl contenders, Houston isn't the same place it was just a few years ago. So it seems perfectly reasonable that same rising-tide logic would apply to the local music scene.

After all, Houston now has a legitimate big-time summer music festival and has made great strides towards erasing its reputation as a hostile touring environment. The city was once practically a must-skip for all too many performers; now we see one sold-out roadshow after another. (How those crowds behave is a completely different matter, though.)

So how much have things really changed? Certainly "the scene" (whatever that is) has made great strides, but many of the problems that have plagued the city's musicians and music venues for years and even generations have hardly vanished in this recent flurry of back-patting, positive headlines and fatter gate receipts.