McCloskey Brothers Band, with Two High String Band

Boulder's McCloskey Brothers Band crafts a sound that's apropos of falling leaves, mountain streams and good times at high altitude. Comprising brothers David (banjo) and Todd (mandolin) McCloskey, bassist Steve Roseboom and drummer Dan Menchey, the outfit pushes the boundaries of bluegrass/newgrass, leaning at times toward countrified rock, pop and even jazz improvisation. The instrumental and vocal interplay between the brothers McCloskey blends with the solid time-keeping of Roseboom and Menchey to create the sort of sound associated with artists such as Sam Bush, Tony Furtado and New Grass Revival. Though maybe not as polished as the more established outfits of their ilk, the MBB puts out a soulful and intriguingly homespun homage to bluegrass, both old and new.