Stirred and Shaken

The bride is shaking her groove thing on the dance floor downstairs, and the groom is handing out cheroots in the cigar bar upstairs. Nobody seems concerned that Buffalo Bayou is overflowing its banks right below us. Personally, I'm the very portrait of disaster preparedness, standing there in black tie on the deck of the Rainbow Lodge [1 Birdsall, (713)861-8666], sipping my after-dinner drink while watching the landscaping at the water's edge disappear. I want to alert my date of our Titanic peril, but I can't find her in the quirky three-story maze of mounted fish, antlered trophy heads and dinner-stuffed wedding guests.

The Rainbow Lodge's Nudge: After a big dinner of wild game and red wine, you need a little nudge to keep you going. That's the idea behind the Rainbow Lodge's special house drink, a smooth and potent coffee concoction. It's also just the thing to drink when dessert is accompanied by a winter storm. Stir the whipped cream into the coffee to make it even mellower.

1 shot Korbel brandy
1 shot amaretto
1 shot Kahlúa
Whipped cream

Pour the three shots into an Irish coffee glass or glass mug. Add the coffee and top with whipped cream. Yields one.