Houston Music


Though she has taken a moon-based moniker and has a spacey writing quality to match, Luna is actually 20-year-old Houston native Cindy Duhe, who has been playing piano for more than half her life. This 15-minute, nine-track EP is her musical introduction as singer, player, composer and arranger. And a decent introduction it is.

Luna's musicianship is skillful enough. She plays exceptionally on the wistful instrumentals "This," "That" and "Until." The only track on which she sings, in a clear and airy voice reminiscent of a Lilith Fairy, is also a standout. On the opener, "What Do I Think," she sweetly sings: "I can't stand the sight of your ugly face / Stop bragging about your life and get away from me." This track is also perhaps the most effective for its multilayered instrumentation. It has a kick that the other tracks could've used.

It's difficult to judge Luna as an overall talent, since Fragments -- true to its name -- consists mainly of snippets and snapshots. Numbers slip in and out of each other to a disadvantage. Just as the listener starts grooving along to the smoky jazz flavor of "It Was," the song is quickly transformed into the dirgelike and sleep-inducing "Them." Likewise, "Grandfather Dog" wanders aimlessly. The high school lyrics don't help, either.

Just as the moon assumes various shapes, Fragments shows the different phases of Luna. Still, they're promising sketches, which may or may not become actual paintings some day.