Richmond Strip entertainment mogul and City Streets owner Jeff Meineke has been keeping plenty busy. He recently presided over the massive image overhaul of Blue Planet, turning it into Powerplant, a high-end Outer Loop partier's Taj Mahal -- and one that he's dubbed the "radio-active dance factory," no less. Next up for the Meineke man: transforming the hard-luck, grain-warehouse-style structure formerly known as Peter's Wildlife into the 6400 Sports Cafe, which is scheduled to open sometime in April.

Meineke initiated the Blue Planet makeover for a number of reasons, foremost being that he wanted to appeal to a more sophisticated crowd. Still, it looks as if his Powerplant will face stiff competition in the form of Groove, another new dance-oriented monstrosity looming just a short drive north off Westheimer. Opening Friday, Groove is touted as a funky, psychedelic "nightclub concept," complete with go-go dancers, lip-synch artists and celebrity impersonators. Oh, and there's music, too. (