Kathy Reichs: Bones Never Lie

Novelist Kathy Reichs and Temperance Brennan, the lead character in Reichs’s series of best­selling thrillers, are a lot alike. Both lead fascinating lives working as forensic anthropologists and novelists; both travel the world working on high­profile cases (Reichs helped identify victims of 9/11), training FBI agents and teaching at universities. Both, however, will not be at the Houston Museum of Natural Science lecture, discussing and signing her latest book, Bones Never Lie. That will be just Kathy Reich.

In Bones Never Lie, Temperance Brennan is chasing down a female serial murderer. Brennan has faced this particular killer before. Years ago, she helped track her down but the killer escaped capture. Now she’s back and taunting Brennan, leaving a trail of dead bodies in a twisted version of hide­-and­-seek. Reichs will discuss turning her real-­life experiences into fiction and the cutting­-edge science and forensic tools she gives Brennan in her books.

Admission includes a copy of Bones Never Lie. 6:30 p.m. 5555 Hermann Park Drive. For information, call 713­639­4629 or visit hmns.org. $40.
Thu., Oct. 2, 6:30 p.m., 2014