F***in' A: The Wal-Mart Curser Is Free!!!

Kathryn Fridge, the woman who got a ticket for cursing in a La Marque Wal-Mart (Store motto: "You kiss your mother with that mouth?") is a free woman.

The city of La Marque has dropped the disorderly conduct charges against her, the Galveston County Daily News reports.

A city prosecutor issued a statement read by interim city manager Eric Gage: "After completion of his investigation to the facts of the case and existing case law, the state contends there is insufficient evidence to proceed and moves to dismiss."

The paper talked to Fridge, who managed not to toss any stray expletives into the conversation:

Fridge said she felt better, knowing she no longer has to worry about the ordeal of a trial.

"I wasn't verbally attacking anyone," Fridge said. "I didn't start to flip out until he acted like he was going to arrest me for something I said in casual conversation between two adults."

Fridge said she's seen police deal with much filthier language on reality television shows, where officers remain stone faced despite a litany of obscenities.

"He flipped out about something that didn't have anything to do with him," Fridge said.

When the polite discourse of our society is governed by the standards set on Cops...well, we weep.

Actually, we don't. We were just fucking with ya.

Next up on the docket: The guy from Queens -- a place where wedding ceremonies tend to end with "I fucking do" -- who got nabbed for the same heinous crime in Galveston.