Osama Bin Laden Mission: Rick Perry & Greg Abbott Weigh in Without Mentioning Obama

The world has presumably been waiting breathlessly for the chance to know exactly what Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott think about the death of Osama Bin Laden. The wait is over.

Both politicos issued statements this morning, neither of which happened to mention President Obama. (To be fair, at least neither of them mention President Bush.)

Perhaps they were just trying to be as politically neutral as KTRH's Michael Berry, who announced a "nonpartisan" celebratory rally tonight, and ended the e-mail with a lame joke about Sheila Jackson Lee.

The thoughts of the two men on this occasion:

Perry said:

After years on the run, Osama bin Laden was finally brought to justice Sunday night. On behalf of all Texans, I'd like to extend our gratitude to the brave men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to tracking this individual down, particularly the members of our valiant special forces who flew into harm's way Sunday to finally put an end to bin Laden's murderous reign.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who will continue to wage our global fight on terror, placing their own lives on the line to keep us safe back here at home.


The face of evil has been eradicated thanks to American forces' dogged pursuit of justice. The Twin Towers may no longer stand, but American justice -- and exceptionalism -- will forever prevail. We will never forget.

Hey, a little Fox News dog-whistle on the old "American exceptionalism" trope. Abbott FTW!!!