Melting Food On A Houston Sidewalk: The Movie(s)

How 'bout this heat?

Houston has been going through an unprecedented heat wave. Highs have been five degrees above normal for August, with lows only dipping down into the low 80s at night. We've had a heat advisory pretty much every day this month, with heat indexes (the "feels like" part of the equation) hovering in the low 100s. It's been hot enough to kill plants and make the prospect of outdoor work extremely dangerous, if not outright life-threatening.

But the real question is: has it been hot enough to melt food like cheese and chocolate on a Houston sidewalk? Craig Malisow and Craig Hlavaty of the Press braved the infernal temps to find out.

Part 1:

Part 2:

What do you think? Sound scientific theory? Or more baseless claptrap like "global warming" or "fibromyalgia"?