Aggies Fail Geography with New SEC Shirt

The Texas A&M Aggies are really excited to join the SEC. Just think of all those great road trips to Florida, Alabama and...North Carolina?

Apparently the Aggies think North Carolina has a team in the SEC, because they included it on a league map featured on a shirt that went up for sale today.

"We may be new to the conference, but we aren't new to the game," the shirt says. It features the SEC logo and a map of states purportedly in the conference.

Maybe the Ags were hoping to play Duke.

The Aggies also forgot Missouri, which also is a new kid on the SEC block.

And if you're thinking they forgot Texas, don't worry -- it's on the back.

And -- to give credit where credit is due -- the rest of the states on the shirt do have SEC teams. So in terms of batting average, the Aggies did pretty good.

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