Crypticon Countdown: Kristy Swanson, The Original Buffy, On Joss Whedon, John Hughes And Why She Doesn't Watch Horror Movies

Kristy Swanson is best known for her roles in Higher Learning and as the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (form the 1992 film), and this weekend she'll be in town as a guest of Crypticon Houston, which runs Friday through Sunday at the Reliant Center. Hair Balls sat down with her (in the e-mail sense) to ask her about her career and what the future holds for the first Buffy.

Hair Balls: My first question is usually asking if you've ever been to Houston, but I already know the answer: you filmed The Chase here in 1994. How was the experience?
Kristy Swanson: I had a great time. It is nice to be coming back ; )

HB: You're perhaps most famous to horror fans as the original Buffy. Were you ever aware of any tensions between the producers and Joss Whedon over the direction the film was taking?
KS: I remember Buffy to be a great experience. I thought all the actors did a great job developing their characters and executed them wonderfully. If there were any "problems," I am unaware. Joss was on set everyday and it was great to have him there, he was a tremendous support and fun to hang out with.

HB: Were you ever contacted about appearing in the TV series?
KS: I was not asked to do the series. This made total sense to me as I was a few years older by then and off doing features. It made me very happy that they made a series from the movie. A strong female character on weekly TV was much needed then.

HB: You appeared in two John Hughes movies (a cameo in Pretty in Pink and as Simone in Ferris Bueller), do you consider yourself part of the Brat Pack?
KS: LOL.....I do not consider myself a part of the "Brat Pack". I figure I was lucky to have had the opportunity to play along side them all. I had a lot of fun working with John Hughes.

HB: You got your start on TV and have experienced something of a career renaissance in recent years on television, are there any shows you'd especially like to be a part of?
KS: I like most shows out there now. The writing has really been great on shows I have seen. I would be proud to be a part of any that would like to have me.

HB: Would you call yourself a horror fan?
KS: I am a Horror fan in the sense that I like making Horror movies. But do I go running to watch them?, to be honest they scare me. Even though I know how fake it all is. I still get scared.

HB: You also recently had a son. Are there any of your movies you'd particularly like your son to know his mom starred in?
KS: I think I will just let him get curious on his own. They may come a time when he asks to view a few. But you know how kids are....they love to make fun of their parents. LOL

HB: Can you tell us what you've got in the works as far as upcoming TV shows or movie?
KS: I shot a film this summer entitled What If... it will be coming out in February and I am excited about it. It stars Kevin Sorbo and John Ratzenberger. It has a It's a Wonderful Life feel to it. I play a minister's wife, very different a role for me I have never played, so I enjoyed it ; )

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