The Schools Of Houston Are (Allegedly) Filled With Ghosts

If you're looking for a little Hump Day time waster, we suggest, which lists haunted locales across the country. Houston has a bunch of them.

Many on the site are ones we've heard before - the Spaghetti Warehouse, La Carafe, the old Jeff Davis Hospital, various cemeteries - which are all, by the way, part of Discover Houston's Ghost Tours, which take place the fourth Friday of every month. What's interesting about, is that the majority of its "haunted" spots are schools. Among the legends listed:

At Hogg Middle School, it's said that late at night, you can hear the footsteps of a famous gangster, who was supposedly dug up from his grave and hung from the flag pole as a practical joke back in the '30s or '40s (WTF)

At Austin High School, students feel someone following them, "but only on the third floor"

Milby High School has footstep sounds, doors shutting and the "ghostly figure of a librarian"

At Cypress Springs High School, it's said "a construction worker died while building the school and his body was left in the school's foundation and was never found" -- mmmkay. Supposedly he makes noise from time to time

Northshore High School is haunted late at night by a girl in gym clothes

Klein Collins High School, according to the website, is built on an old burial ground and students have seen "five-year-olds holding hands and running down the hallways"'s an official Hair Balls Readers' Hump Day Poll. We've met many otherwise rational people who totally believe in ghosts. Do you?

-- Cathy Matusow