And We Now Return to John Royal for Another Report from North Downtown…

I thought you would like another report from the 22nd floor of the Bank of America Building. First, it's still raining. Second, a look out my window confirms that while Buffalo Bayou is rising, it is nowhere near its banks -- at least downtown by Bayou Place. Third, and most important, if anyone's interested in getting your party on tonight, there is a Budweiser 18-wheeler parked out in front of Bayou Place, and I can see Budweiser employees unloading the truck and moving cases into Bayou Place, so it looks like they will be open for business tonight.

It's kind of storming now, and the rain is vertical, not horizontal, but it still seems to be more like the standard-issue summertime thunderstorm. Though I'm sure the people on the east end of town aren't too thrilled with things.

I was just down in the tunnel for lunch. It's surprisingly empty for noon on weekday. It has the air of a holiday in that half of the places are open, and there just aren't that many people walking around. The good news is that the Starbucks under Pennzoil Place is open -- if you're into overpriced coffee that it is. And the WaMu in the tunnel down this way is open, as is McDonald's if you want lunch.

So that it's it from the 22nd floor of the Bank of America Building. This is John Royal reporting.