Another Galveston County Cursing Arrest Ends In A F***ing Whimper

That bizarre streak of cursing arrests in Galveston County is having trouble standing up in court.

One guy -- the guy from Queens who used the f-word -- pleaded guilty to his charge, but we're guessing he did it just to avoid having to come back down to "fuckin' Galveston" to fight it.

The first person to be arrested, a La Marque woman who cursed in a Wal-Mart during a hurricane panic, had the charges dropped against her.

And now the third in the trio, a Texas City man who cursed during a dispute over a neighbor's pooping cat, has had his day in court.

And the jury laughed the fucking shit out of the charges.

The Galveston County Daily News reports that a jury took just 15 minutes to reach a not-guilty charge on the disorderly-conduct case against Joseph Loflin.

Loflin said he expected to win.

"I was confident of the not guilty verdict and proud the jury ... saw through the smoke screen of dishonesty and manipulation," Loflin told the paper.

The neighbor, Michael Rainey, took a calm perspective on things. Sort of.
"A little piece of America died today when a jury of six says it's OK to curse in front of a 13-year-old when asked not to," Rainey said.

RIP, little piece of America. And RIP, Michael Rainey's sense of perspective.

We can only hope law-enforcement officials throughout Galveston County have learned their lesson: If you're going to make a ridiculous cursing arrest, make sure the defendant is from out of state and will plead guilty to avoid the hassle.