Barack Obama May Be Our Next President But He Doesn’t Get to Talk on KTRH-AM

Presidential election coverage filled the news on KTRH (740 AM) this morning. What was amazing was that listeners didn’t get to hear a word from the man who won the presidency: Barack Obama.

Instead, the broadcast led with portions of defeated candidate John McCain’s consession speech played over and over. McCain was indeed classy as he pinned his loss on himself, not his supporters, and pledged to work with Obama in these trying times that our country faces.

Next was a sound byte from President Bush commenting on the historic vote and congratulating Obama for his victory. Again, pretty classy.

Various “experts” were called upon to say what an Obama presidency would mean. One went on at length about how we could expect the federal government to take over our banks and other financial institutions (didn’t Bush already just do that?) and how the move leftward would mean higher taxes for all, a country run by the feds and basically an end to life as we know it.

Armageddon mongering – not so classy.

But an excerpt from last night’s speech, as the first black president of the United States made his acceptance speech? Didn’t hear that at all. Definitely not classy.

-- Margaret Downing