Get Psyched! Your Best of Houston® Webmercial Is Here to Get You Ready

The time is nigh, not to mention near.

This week is the annual unveiling of the Best of Houston® awards, the eagerly awaited announcement of just what readers (and the rest of us) find so enthralling, thrilling, entertaining and fulfilling about our little city by the bay.

It's "Growth and Regrowth" this year, and we'll be looking for, among other things, assets that fit the theme:

Always a city with muscle, Houston gets stronger by the day -- hence the theme of this year's Houston Press Best of Houston® edition: Growth and Regrowth. That's not news to us, but it is to some. The city that used to feel like our little secret seems to be getting more and more national recognition.

The picks come out online Wednesday and in print Thursday. Here's some video to get you properly pumped.

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