Pop Rocks: The Worst Part of Parenting? The TV Shows.

Being a parent is tough, especially when the kids are toddler age or thereabouts. You're basically on 24-7 suicide watch while the little hobgoblins cram everything they find into their mouths and clamber to the top of the bookshelves, while at the same time you try to feed them properly and nurture them along the road to becoming decent, educated, well-rounded adults.

But I'm not talking about any of that crap, I'm talking about putting up with children's television.

Complaining about kids' shows is about as original as making jokes about airline food, and I swore I'd never go down that road...and then I had children of my own. Now I too have learned to dread the words "Yo gabba gabba," and I have to physically resist guzzling the entire liquor cabinet every time I hear the "Elmo's World" theme start up.

"Surely," you're saying, "surely not all children's programming is like sticking your head into a blender filled with drywall screws?" That may be true, but my kids -- all three of them -- apparently have horrible taste. Here then is my list of the ten most annoying examples of kids' television.