Miss Pop Rocks’ Tips For Saving Money on Gas

CNN Money recently ran a short piece about myths surrounding saving gas (e.g. filling your tank in the morning is supposed to be more fuel efficient, but it really isn’t).

Now Miss Pop Rocks doesn’t know much about when’s the best time to filler up, but she can offer you a few handy tips for getting around the city without feeling the proverbial pinch at the pump.

1. Run everywhere.

2. Hitchhike as often as possible. Remember that shaggy-haired guys in vans make for great conversationalists.

3. Carpool with the jerk from work that you can’t stand and one day when you’re driving make him get out halfway and walk the rest of the way. Hilarious!

4. Get your whole family to help by saving extra gas in a jar in the kitchen. Even the little ones can participate! Once the jar is full, use the gas to take a special trip.

5. Finally fulfill your childhood dream of buying a pony.

6. Be the asshole on the bike that everyone has to swerve to miss. Bicyclists are especially popular here in Houston!

7. Drive all over town to find the cheapest gas station. Even if it takes hours, keep driving because you’re sure to find one that’s even cheaper.

8. Why waste space? When pumping gas at a cheaper than average station, pump a little extra in your mouth to get your money’s worth.

9. Train your dog to pull you on a sled.

10. Skip to work or school. Sing a little song while you’re doing it and it makes it even more fun.

11. Rollerblading’s still cool, ain’t it?

12. Retrofit your car so it runs on cotton candy, sunshine, and dreams!

-- Jennifer Mathieu