Patti LaBelle Update: Beaten Cadet Sues Airport Worker Who Allegedly Squealed to West Point

The former West Point cadet who's suing singer Patti LaBelle's entourage for allegedly assaulting him at Bush Intercontinental Airport last March has added an airport operations worker to the list of defendants.

In an amended complaint filed earlier this week, Richard King accuses Houston Airport System employee Cahl Rasmussen of relaying false and defamatory information to King's West Point supervisors -- namely, that King instigated the confrontation that left him bloody and landed him in the hospital.

"[Rasmussen] was not a witness, but without compunction, passed on the aforesaid false report as if it was true," the complaint states. "In an act far outside the scope of any job description, Rasmussen initially e-mailed, then spoke on the telephone, to King's supervisors at West Point."

The complaint does not state if Rasmussen saw the video of the incident before allegedly contacting West Point.

King's lawyers told Hair Balls earlier this month that, based on this information, West Point suspended King. The Houston Chronicle reported earlier that West Point officials said they conducted a "thorough investigation" of the incident and took "appropriate action" by suspending King. West Point officials have not responded to our request to confirm that Rasmussen spoke with King's supervisors, and Rasmussen has not responded to requests for comment.

Rasmussen has been an airport operations coordinator since 2004, according to his Facebook page. (Under his "employers" section, he wrote, "Work as little as possible. Remember I work for the government!!" -- classic, Rasmussen).

He lists his previous occupation as a police officer for the city of Aurora, Colorado, from 1985-2000.

LaBelle and her entourage have not filed a response.