Bassey & Rose Essien: Father-Daughter Team With Million-Dollar Adult-Diaper Scam

Keeping things in the family, passing knowledge from one generation to the next: It's a heartwarming American tradition, especially when it involves ripping off Medicaid for more than a million dollars with an adult-diaper scam.

Bassey Essien, 60, and his daughter Rose, 31, were found guilty this week after an eight-day trial on fraud and identity-theft charges.

Prosecutors say they cooked the books and charged Medicaid for $2.3 million in bogus adult-diaper charges and were paid almost $1.5 million before the scheme was discovered.

Withness the horror:

"They even billed Medicaid for delivering a quantity of extra large adult size diapers far in excess of the amount they purchased from wholesale suppliers," the U.S. Attorney's office said, noting that "extra large size diaper briefs...have the highest Medicaid reimbursement rate."

The evidence showed the defendants only purchased six percent of the amount of extra large diapers they claimed to have delivered, prosecutors said.

Benjamin Essien, son and sister of the pair, entered a guilty plea before the trial. A delivery man who had also been charged was acquitted on all counts.