To Protect Other Patients, Some Doctors Are Showing Those Who Refuse to Vaccinate the Door

An oncologist is screaming bloody murder at another doctor in a white-hot rage over a prescribed course of treatment. No, it's not about an untested experimental cancer drug but the best-proven disease-fighting technique that America has ever employed: vaccinations. The oncologist cannot believe that he is being told to start vaccinating his seven children -- longtime patients in the practice -- or else he will have to be referred to another doctor.

Dr. Joanna Weir can't hear the details through the door of the closed examination room where her colleague is being shouted down by not only a patient but a longtime personal friend, but she is there to see the oncologist throw open the door and storm out with his hands clenched in rage, never to return, and calling them all stooges as he leaves. Apparently, he fervently believes that vaccinations are a giant moneymaking scam that he will have no part of, her colleague tells her later.