Jon Matthews, Conservative Talk-Show Host & Sex Offender, Pulled from KPFT's Prison Show

We'd almost forgotten about Jon Matthews, one of the worst, if popular, right-wing blowhards to inhabit the Houston talk-radio universe.

He was convicted of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl, which, given his monotonous blubberings about Bill Clinton's lack of morals, seemed to be odd. He was given probation, but was sent to prison for violating the terms -- including, according to prosecutors, drinking and possessing obscene materials.

He's apparently out of prison, but the fun continues.

He was brought on by host David Babb to The Prison Show, KPFT's weekly program about the criminal-justice system. Founded by Ray Hill, it became somewhat famous as a way for families to send messages to inmates; it also "hosts" weddings.

KPFT apparently had problems with a registered sex offender co-hosting a show, so they canned Matthews. And now Babb's quit.

He wrote on the show's Facebook page:

The management at KPFT initially objected to me bringing him on board because he was a sex-offender. After explaining to them that Dewey, who's been with the program for 23 years was a sex-offender, and I who have been there since 2003 am a sex-offender, and that their objection to Jon was discriminatory, they relented and permitted him to join the staff.

Suddenly, and without explanation, they informed me yesterday that Jon was not to be a broadcast personality on KPFT. I have dealt with oppression and discrimination as a result of my charge to a greater degree than I can any longer endure.

Babb was convicted of sexual assault of a child in 2000.

Hill may return to the show as an interim host...without Jon Matthews, we're guessing.

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