He Tried To Commit ID Theft Against 17,000 Marines

A word to the wise: the next time you try selling the names and Social Security numbers of nearly 17,000 U.S. Marines, make sure the buyer is actually the spy he says he is, and not an undercover FBI agent.

Randall Craig, a former military contractor, learned that lesson the hard way when he was arrested in April. He ultimately plead guilty in federal court to identity theft and “exceeding authorized access to a computer,” and is facing sentencing in Houston this afternoon.

Craig faces a maximum of five years in prison. We’re eagerly waiting to see if the judge throws the book at Craig, or if the would-be-spy is shown a little mercy. (After all, who hasn’t tried selling government secrets at least once before?).

The whole thing started last September when Craig, a contractor at the Marine Corps Reserve Center in San Antonio, decided he could make some extra dough by downloading a ton of private military info and selling it to a foreign government.

He wound up arranging a Feb. 6 meeting with an undercover G-man at Bush Intercontinental Airport, followed by a meeting a few weeks later at the Galleria. (It’s a known fact that many a sinister plan for world domination has taken place near the Cheesecake Factory).

Ultimately, Craig sold the info, contained on a thumb drive, for $500, which sorta reminds us of Dr. Evil initially demanding $1 million to not blow up the world. Seriously, this dude put all that time and energy into fancy spy stuff for a measly $500?

-- Craig Malisow