Leo Berman Not Buying Obama's "Birth Certificate" Stunt; Has Greatest Question Ever

THANK GOD state rep Leo Berman is still bringing the crazy when it comes to President Obama's place of birth.

Obama, tiring of all the attention still being devoted to this issue (CNN has been pounding it lately), asked for, received and released this morning the official long-form birth certificate from Hawaii.

Berman, Republican of Tyler and the man who has introduced a birther bill in the Lege, demanding all presidential candidates produce birth certificates, did not fall for the president's ludicrously fraudulent act.

And he presented, via the Texas Tribune, the single most compelling argument we have ever heard on behalf of the birthers.

Among the questions Berman still has, the Tribune reported:

Why doesn't the hospital listed on the birth certificate have a "plaque on the door" commemorating Obama's birth there?

It doesn't?

Ipso facto! Res ipsa loquitur!! Kenyan Muslim!!!!

We can only hope the Fox News/talk radio swarms, aided by what Berman refers to as the infallible YouTubes, press the plaque issue. Right along with Donald Trump's reaction to today's release, which was to demand Obama's academic records because he believes Obama -- who was editor of the Harvard Law Review and taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago -- wasn't really bright enough to get into the Ivy League school.