Seven Arrested with 1,600 Pounds of Pot

Seven men have been arrested and 1,600 pounds of weed taken on the northwest side of town, the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

The men had transported the weed from the Rio Grande Valley to the 13200 block of Reeveston. They unloaded it there and reloaded it onto two vehicles, not knowing that the man who had delivered it from the Valley was an undercover agent.

"The individuals then drove away from the property with the marijuana loaded within, at which time they were stopped by law enforcement officers and the marijuana was seized," the USAO says.

The seven arrested are:

Rene Salinas Saenz, 34, Jesus Alvarado Galvan, 34, and Otoniel Botella, 34, all of Houston; along with Jose Alberto Barrera Jr., 31, Jorge Luis Flores, 33, Jose Hinojosa-Galvan, 31, all of Roma, Texas; and Luis Faustino Garcia, 51, from Mexico.