Will John Lopez Leave the Houston Chronicle to Pimp Products on the Radio Full Time?

You may have noticed the local airwaves are filled these days with Houston Chronicle people.

John Lopez has a four-hour show on KBME; Ken Hoffman and Richard justice have shorter shows on new station KGOW. (Lopez and Justice are sportswriters; Hoffman’s a general-interest guy.)

All this has caused more than a little behind-the-scenes rumbling at 801 Texas. Editor Jeff Cohen isn’t the hugest fan of radio, but more importantly he hates the fact that hosts like Lopez are reading commercials on the air.

Which no doubt pisses off Lopez, because reading commercials is an integral way hosts make money.

The KGOW hosts so far have agreed not to read ads, although they’re looking for loopholes. We hear Lopez might decide that radio-land is more secure and lucrative than staying at the Chron.

Which is good news, we guess, for all those people who somehow base their buying decisions on what some radio host allegedly personally uses and endorses. (And means we won’t miss some of our favorite moments in radio, when a show’s advertisers switch from being the cable company to a satellite-TV company, or vice versa. Anything bad you’ve been hearing about one service suddenly goes down the memory hole.) — Richard Connelly