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Turning the Screw: Bun B, Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon, Bun B & Wale, Chingo Bling, Z-Ro vs. Lil Flip, Jay-Z, 50, The Kanye, Run-DMC, DMX, More Chingo, etc.

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Single of the Week: "She Love It" remix, feat. Bun B, Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon

After watching the actual video for this song about 15 times, were able to deduce that some might consider it to be fairly derogatory towards women, so we decided to use this version instead. You're free to find it on your own though. And if you like butt cracks, you'll be happy that you did.

Wire To Wire

Of course Bun B is on Wale's CD. Bun B is on everything, everywhere. He is all things. Matter of fact, he's sitting right next to us right now hyping us up as we type this. Say hello, Bun. "Hello. UGK fo' life." See, told you.

Okay, so you tell us what you think. Here's a video of Z-Ro saying how he could've lost street credibility by messing with Lil' Flip, but then shortly afterwards saying that he could mess with a "bitch nigga" if he wanted to because he's so real. Did he transitively refer to Flip as a "bitch nigga," because it sure seems that way.

Chingo Bling's Tamale Season is out there. Do what you will with that.

Speaking of, download this. It's good mixtape fun.

There has to be a certain amount of truth re: the statements Jay-Z made in retaliation to Beanie's claims that he wasn't pushed/publicized the way he should've been.

A brief aside: Why does Jim Jones always look like he just got done running a mile in gym class? Or like he's about to give you a really shitty deal on some mechanic work?

50's album leaked. We did not download it illegally. But if we did, we'd probably say that it was better than we were expecting. Oh, and that Lil' Wayne mixtape leaked too. Save for a "Run This Town" remix, it's pretty forgettable.

Ricky Ross's Deeper Than Rap sold over 2 million copies. Crazy, because that's exactly how amazing we think his beard is. (Yeah, we're not even really sure what that means. A 2 million beard? Sorry.)

There's a Run-DMC musical in the works. Ummm. Okay. But can we get a Geto Boys musical first? That one'd be way more interesting.

You know how we know that we're secretly very big fans of Eminem? We scrolled right passed the other videos of the ciphers from the BET Hip Hop Awards - oh, the BET Hip Hop Awards went down last week; you didn't miss much - to watch his first. The boy is bad. There are no two ways about it.

"Train for a fight? Don't be preposterous," DMX probably said.

What the hell is going on at Akon concerts that's getting everybody so aggro? Our guess as to why everyone is so pissed off: Because they're at a friggin' Akon concert. Ack. What a terrible place to be.

The Kanye got community service for that camera-smashing episode from several months ago. Whatever. Kanye is one of those people where we don't care one single bit about him outside of music. He does not exist as a person, only a performer. So long as he's putting music out, he is utterly indispensable.

This is a perfect example of why you should take some time to come up with a clever cover for your next mixtape, because we totally wouldn't have bothered to search out and listen to this were it not for the cover.

Houston Rap Video of the Week

Because you either missed it or forgot about it:

Chingo Bling, "Dragon Ball Z."