Last Night: 12th Planet At 4500 Washington Avenue

12th Planet 4500 Washington Avenue June 14, 2012

Let's just say this wasn't your average college night at 4500 Washington Avenue.

Thursday, due to the Rich's situation (still closed), the 12th Planet show was moved to 4500 Washington Avenue. No, not Stereo Live. As soon as I heard this news all I could think about was, "can Avenue handle such an event?"

The answer is yes.

Although Avenue is not your typical venue for a EDM show, it at least provided a dance floor and plenty to drink. It was not a jam-packed house; regardless, everyone was having a great time.

Last time 12th Planet, aka John Dadzie, hit Houston, he was onstage at Rich's with Skrillex. This time he took to the table himself, providing one heck of a jungle/drum-and-bass set and throwing dubstep sporadically throughout the night.