Hey, The Kids Like It

Five Things You Grown Folks Should Learn From Big Time Rush

The Rocks Off Lesson of the Day: You can learn a lot from a boy band-er, if you put your mind to it.

If you've never taken life advice from the likes of a guy with a Gold album, a starring role in a sitcom, and a gaggle of Tween fans, here's your chance. Don't blow me off just yet; you might be surprised. And seriously, the more you know, right?

Logan Henderson, of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush fame (go ask your daughter), was kind enough to sit down with us to wax poetic on what it's like to star in a show about a band that you actually record with in real life.

Yeah, Big Time Rush is one of those bands -- a recording group that has spun off from a TV show that is based around the group; think Hannah Montana -- and they have the attention of the entire Tween world. It's really important when you're 13, guys.

As confusing as that whole TV actor/boy band member/actual recording artist hybrid is, we learned quite a bit about life from Logan, and we'd like to share some of those lessons with you. We're caring like that.

Sure, it may be a tad bit unconventional to take advice from a guy starring in a show about the misadventures of a hockey-playing boy band member, but you'd be surprised at what you can learn when you keep an open mind.

Lesson #1: You don't need Beats to drown out the crying baby on the plane; you just need to surround yourself with overzealous tween fans for a few days, and you'll have an endless abundance of patience for that kind of stuff. Either that, or you'll have damaged your eardrums. Either or.

"I can still do normal things, it's not like walking down the street is impossible, it's just different. Sometimes it just takes more time and people want to take pictures and whatever. It's never really a burden, though. You just laugh as much as you can about it."