The 4 Best Cocktails Named For Rock Stars

I played rock star for a few years here in town, loading in equipment at 7 p.m. to go on around midnight. You know what you do in the interim? You drink, heavily, because you're in a bar and you're bored off your ass. I even ended up writing the Black Math Experiment song "Alcohol" about it.

Alcohol and rock stars go hand in hand. There are those that indulge and die from it, those who curb their excess and overcome it, and some like Lemmy who apparently is going to live forever on nothing but meat, cheese and a bottle of whiskey a day. Seriously, he drinks a bottle of whiskey a day and is healthier than the pretty much our entire writing staff. [Not all of us... not now -- ed.]

It's no surprise then that rock stars get the occasional cocktail gets named for after them. Today we spread some of the inebriated joy done in their names. Here are four recipes for musician-based drinks.