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H-Town's Underground Hip-Hop Scene Rises with Fetti's Commitment To Catching Every Moment On Camera

So when a man beats you to your own video shoot, there's a problem. That's how we really took notice of 34-year-old Mikell Limbrick, the Trinity Gardens representer known to the streets as Fetti.

When we filmed the Houston Press Mic Pass (now in its final stage of editing), which he got no invitation to, he was standing on an abandoned downtown block with us waiting for the production crew and first artists to show up. On top of that, every show we've ever been to or informal hip-hop gathering we've randomly showed up to, he was there, filming for his company, R.I.S.E. TV/DVD, which stands for Real Independent Street Entertainment. Sometimes you just can't ignore the hustle.

Fetti is dedicated to catching every moment of Houston's underground hip-hop scene on camera, so we thought we'd get him in The Hot Seat while he's on his, well, R.I.S.E.

Rocks Off: Every hip-hop gathering we've ever been to, you've been there, including the filming of the Houston Press Mic Pass. You're everywhere. Why is that? Why do you love Houston hip-hop so much?

Fetti: Houston artists have mastered the Internet tools to get their audio tracks to the world. I believe visuals of their work ethic, performance, and lifestyle should be displayed also. That's the objective of R.I.S.E. DVD.

RO: In your time of filming Houston underground hip-hop, what's the most memorable thing you've ever filmed?

F: I filmed Just Brittany's performance at Club Krystal V.I.P. before her hit single hit the radio. I posted her performance on our YouTube channel and within several months, she gained over 10,000 views. Now she has inked a deal with Cash Money.

RO: Name us the top three underground Houston MCs no one knows about.

F: Delo. His lyrical content as well as his creativity allows him to stand alone as an artist. Dante Higgins. His unique style and his ability to tell a complete story through his music set him a part from other Houston artists. GT Garza. The youngest of the three reminds me of a seasoned veteran. His delivery can be compared to artists of the 90s when music was music.