Houston Scores Big Time In Latest Editon Of Encyclopedia Of Country Music: Part 2

Our second installment of Houston connections in the recently published second edition of The Encyclopedia of Country Music is a truly monumental list of writers, performers and performances that show that while Houston may not have been the musical business center that Nashville became, the Bayou City has always had mucho talent and plenty of twang.

Jerry Irby: If Jerry Irby had never done anything but write "Driving' Nails in My Coffin," he would still likely merit inclusion in The Encyclopedia. Covered by Floyd Tillman and Ernest Tubb in 1946, the clever lyric put Irby on the map as a singer-songwriter. Bob Wills covered another Irby song in 1947, "Keeper of My Heart."

Irby, who worked for a while with Ted Daffan, opened the Texas Corral night club in Houston in 1948, but by the mid-1950s his musical career began to unravel.