Danny Elfman's Ten Greatest Soundtracks

Last Tuesday, Warner Bros. music released a 25th anniversary box set commemorating the orchestral soundtrack work Danny Elfman has done for Tim Burton. Elfman, the former front man for the wonderfully weird art-pop band Oingo Boingo, was first recruited by Burton to score his film Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Elfman, who turns 58 on Sunday, knocked it out of the park, and his career as a film composer took off.

Here are Rocks Off's ten favorite non-Oingo Boingo Elfman scores.

10. Scrooged (1988): This is almost certainly the one film that most people think is directed by Tim Burton, but isn't. Richard Donner was at the helm - yep, the Lethal Weapon guy. Still, it has a definite Burton feel to it as it vacillates between goofy whimsy and extremely dark subject matter. Aiding that sensation is Elfman's score, which uses traditional Christmas trappings such as sleigh bells and a children's choir, but to eminently creepy effect.