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Even In Trying Times, The Randy Travis Social Media Train Keeps On a Rollin'

Social media is a fun place, where you can damage your entire career or build up a massive following within just a few strokes. You can engage with your fans and help foster a community, and also you know, sell your shit.

Just hours after country quasi-legend Randy Travis was arrested while drunk driving in the nude, his Facebook page and Twitter feed was tweeting something about a Word Scramble Wednesday, as if... Randy Travis had not just been arrested for driving drunk nude near Tioga.

By the way, the answer to the jumble is "Honky Tonk Moon."

This is Travis' second arrest in 2012 -- he was arrested for public intoxication back in February for drinking wine outside of a church.

Pre-scheduled social media is where things get fun and hairy. Remember a few weeks back when the NRA's gun-porn mag American Rifleman tweeted a seemingly innocent pre-scheduled message hours after the Colorado theater shooting. When you don't have someone actually manning your Tweeter machine to pay attention to breaking news and trends, it can get ugly.

According to reports, Travis was released on $21,500 bond Wednesday morning.

A few fans voiced support the artist under his site's Facebook post and pleaded with him to seek help, while others made light of the situation.

"I think that honky tonk moon was shinin on your bare white ass last night since you were laying in the road naked...I understand the being drunk part...but why the hell were you naked..." asked one fan.

Travis couldn't be reached for comment, because I didn't try.

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