Austin City Limits

ACL Fest: MIA and Björk, Tearing Down the Fourth Wall

Click here for a slideshow of Friday's action.

Speaking of fires at ACL Fest, one of the speakers on the AT&T Stage started flaming up during Björk’s set last night. “I thought they were telling us to exit because the show was over,” says a pretty little birdie who was hanging out side stage near the speaker. “It was unclear whether the band was leaving for the encore or because of the fire.” The band did come back on for “Declare Independence.”

Björk’s performance, by the way, was awesome, and that’s coming from someone who’s not the biggest fan of theatrical Icelandic pop.

More peaceful anarchy: During MIA’s set, backup singer Cherry called for someone, anyone, in the crowd to bring her up some weed. The first few rows bum-rushed the stage, filling it with hippie dudes and bikinied ladies. MIA kept right on doing her thing, surrounded by the mob, like it was the end of an episode of SNL or something. Doesn’t look like Cherry ever got her weed. – Keith Plocek