Cowboy From Hell: Dimebag Darrell's Best Guitar Solos

This blog is stupid, because Rocks Off - this member at least - loves everything that Pantera did. In turn, that means we like everything that the Texas metal gods' late guitarist, Metroplex-bred "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, did. But still, let's look back and some of the best solos the man turned in with his band.

One of Dimebag's earliest solos

It's been six years since Abbott was gunned down by Nathan Gale onstage at a Columbus, Ohio, rock club. Damageplan, Abbott's band with brother and fellow Pantera alum Vinnie Paul Abbott, was just starting its set.

Abbott died instantly from gunshot wounds to his head, as did four others who were caught in Gale's path. Gale himself was shot and killed by police officers on the scene, but not before leaving another seven wounded in his wake.